Martin IRC page

This is my little contribution to our little IRC world, in hope it would be the bigger and better one, maybe one day.

  1. A little IRC essay, by me.
  2. History of The Meep.
  3. The alternate history of The Meep.
  4. Tao of IRC.
  5. Tao of CARNet IRC network.
  6. MOTD of CARNet IRC network.
  7. IRC ppl gallery – look and enjoy.
  8. Channel #piglu
  9. Channel #linux on CARNet

This site and everything on it is avalable under conditions of GNU Public License.
Everything, or almost everything, here is written by me – Vid Strpić, or things written by others are collected for display here…

Random QOTD: Ok, you’ve got your point. But where’s the comma ?

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