A collection of papers written by me.
A little Usenet essay, by me.
A little IRC essay, by me.
Audio CDji koje imam, uglavnom originali, nekoliko CDR kopija.
MP3ji koje imam.
Filmići koje imam, uglavnom DivX.
Pjesme, pjesme, a i proze ima pomalo.
The Eye.
The BOFHlet Weblog.
Various historic and newer texts.
Different screenshots of mine.
Razliciti zimski pojmovi i definicije.
CDR(W) and DVD+-R(W) media specifications.
CDR and CDRW media overburning results.
Kako zakrimpati kablove ?
Kako izracunati netmaske ?
The Big Ugly Site Map?
List of color names.
List of color names on light background.
List of common acronyms.
Declaration of independence of Cyberspace.
Fun page.
Usenet FAQ archive.
Unsorted links.
Various software archive.
BBS stuff page.
FFZG trachevi.
Arhiva anti-troll upozorenja, za upotrebu na Usenetu uglavnom.
Emacs akronimi
Standard bonehead reply form.
Basic userology text reference.
Kako je velichajni Vice hacker pokusao meni provaliti na dialup stroj doma 🙂
Lista spammera!!! 🙂
Fantastic links!!!!! 🙂

This site and everything on it is avalable under conditions of GNU Public License.
Everything, or almost everything, here is written by me – Vid Strpić, or things written by others are collected for display here…

Random QOTD: Ok, you’ve got your point. But where’s the comma ?

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