UNIX related links page

Linux in Croatia

  • Izborna Skupstina HULK-a, 17.12.2001.
  • Channel #linux on CARNet page
  • HULK Web Page
  • LDP-hr Web Page – HOWTOs and Translations
  • DORS ’97. pictures!
  • Linux List Archive

UNIX varia

  • Što je COBOL?
  • Linux software catalog
  • BOFHlet PHP info
  • BOFHlet WebMail
  • Little random password generator, PHP.
  • Little random password generator, Perl.
  • Kako zakrimpati kablove ?
  • Kako izracunati netmaske ?
  • Different screenshots of mine
  • My little choice of UNIX news
  • My sources directory. Lotsa stuff 🙂
  • B.O.F.H page
  • Anti-spam stuff
  • Keymap changer

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